Most startups fail, in fact 92% within 3 years. So, founders want to know 2 things; 1) have they got a problem worth solving, and 2) what to do next.


We know the leading causes of startup failure having helped hundreds of tech founders address their biggest risks ahead of a successful investment pitch.


We want you to be part of the 8%.

See what we do below.

HAve you got a problem worth solving?

The number 1 reason for startup failure is building something no one wants.


So, how do you know you've got a problem enough people must have solved?

are you pitching but not getting anywhere?

A compelling pitch is what will launch your startup.

Helpful, constructive feedback is hard to get, if not impossible. We know what leading investors want to see.

what are your options? 

Depending on what stage you're at your startup will have different needs.


Do you need Guidance, Team, Money, or all 3? We can help layout the most appropriate options for you.



“ Adam very quickly helped me realise that for over a year I had been travelling down a path blindly. It turns out that despite building a very successful business previously, I knew very little about tech startups and quickly understood why so many fail. Adam focused me on identifying the real problem and most importantly, who had it.”

Fi Hills

Founder at Café Style

Having an idea is brilliant. But what do you do next?! Cards on the table I didn’t know. I am a clinician at heart so my passion is improving an aspect of my profession. Having met Dan not only did he like the idea but he fully immersed himself in it. From evidencing and proving the problem, to helping me understand it better to successfully pitching. A brilliant journey and someone who has gone from being a mentor to a friend.

Ben Sweeney

Founder of VidiVet & CCO of VetDigital

“I couldn’t recommend these guys enough. Highly passionate, creative individuals who will work with you to take your business idea to the next level, focus your offering through really understanding the problem you are trying solve, empower you with the knowledge you need and propel your startup forward.”

Rebecca Taylor

Founder at Aquarate


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