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Our mission is to help tech startup founders find their unfair advantage.


We have a complimentary blend of skills and experience to help early stage tech founders focus their time and effort on the right things.

Founders, while  unique, all share the same fundamental challenges

Andy Dean co-founder

Andy Dean

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Andy has worked with businesses of all sizes from Unilever to single founder startups.


He has over 18+ years of digital experience behind him and most recently headed up the cofounding and strategic partnerships division within NOVA.

He built a process and a team that had a 50% success rate for early stage investment, so he understands what it takes and what investors are looking for.

As well as his own knowledge of investment and tech startups, Andy is also well connected in the investment and corporate world in the UK and Internationally.

He is passionate about technology and runs his own blog on the subject of future technology.

Adam McVicar

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As a founder himself, Adam knows exactly what it takes to get a start up off the ground.

His experience spans professional services, technical product development, advertising and sports & entertainment, all focused on disruption and innovation.

Adam's particular passion is finding dedicated founders who are ballsy enough to not take no for an answer yet humble enough to listen to advice.

In the past 12 months alone he has personally helped founders gain a collective £5m in pre-money value and has a strong network in the early stage angel and venture capital investment space.

Dan Collins (MBA)

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Dan has over 3 years experience in startups and venture capital.

He has mentored over 50 founders and evaluated over 1000 startups across vertical such as HealthTech, LawTech, B2B SaaS, Consumer Marketplaces and FinTech. 

Dan's approach to supporting founders has been effective in gaining pre-seed & seed stage investment through building lasting relationships with founders from all backgrounds.

Passionate about technology having co-founded various digital businesses; he is also an avid guitar player and is always up for a jam!

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