Do You Have A Problem Worth Solving?

"Ideas are cheap, execution is everything" - Chris Sacca

Let's get one thing straight, everyone has an idea, yours is probably not unique. So, how you execute on that 'idea' is your competitive advantage. Successful high growth tech startups  solve 'hair on fire' problems for their users or customers.

Founders are often trying to solve similar ideas (ie: a wellness app, a house buying site, a personal banking bot, AI driven 'x' or Blockchain based 'y'). The fact is we're not interested in the idea. We're interested in the problem being solved, so are your users and customers. This is because the biggest risk for any startup is building the wrong thing, to mitigate this, you must solve a core problem for users to best position your product or service as the solution.

We have a set of tools which follow lean thinking to help you cheaply and quickly get the evidence you need to work out  if the problem you're solving can scale into a tech startup through evidence based innovation. The following is an example of what we can help you with from Ash Maurya's Lean Framework;

  1. DESIRABLE - User / Problem Fit (Do you have a problem worth solving with tech?). 

  2. FEASIBLE - Problem / Solution Fit (Does your solution solve the problem?)

  3. VIABLE - User / Solution Fit (Will your users pay for it?)

  4. Founder / Market fit - (Do you know enough about the market you are entering?)


So, let us help you find out of you have a problem that enough people must have solved.


As Sam Altman says - "You cannot create a market that doesn’t want to exist.”


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