Why Use Us?

As a founder your time is finite, make sure it's spent doing the right things

Adam McVicar co-founder

The leading cause of startup failure is building something no one wants. Don't fall in to that trap.

Are you on the verge of something great?


We offer expertise to founders, enabling them to validate their ideas and give them the confidence to take the right next step.


Our expertise covers:  User/ problem fit, founder/ market fit, user/ solution fit, product/ market fit, angel investment, venture capital investment, lean startup, pitch preparation, investment strategy, problem first innovation, evidence based innovation, mentoring, coaching, market validation and objectives and key results (OKR’s).


If you need help understanding any aspect of tech startup launch, growth and scale up, we are here to help.

HAve you got a problem worth solving?

The number 1 reason for startup failure is building something no one wants.


So, how do you know you've got a problem enough people must have solved?

are you pitching but not getting anywhere?

A compelling pitch is what will launch your startup.

Helpful, constructive feedback is hard to get, if not impossible. We know what leading investors want to see.

what are your options?

Depending on what stage you're at you startup will have different needs.


Do you need Guidance, Team, Money, or all 3? We can help layout the most appropriate options for you.

“When I started out I was convinced I had a good idea having spent over a year being told I was on to something. What I didn't know was what to do next or where to look for technical help. It turns out I hadn't determined who my early adopters were or what they wanted. Over some honest conversations Adam provided sage advice which has resulted in seed investment for my start up. Something I am not sure I'd have been able to do on my own or as quickly.”

Amit Oberoi

Founder at The Resilience Factor

"An amazing, passionate and creative team that really helped us get under the skin of an idea to move our business forward and successfully position ourselves to raise investment. Highly, highly recommend. The advice and support from the guys has enabled me grow my startup and discover new networks and opportunities for funding."

Sunil Mistry

Founder of Menu Guru

"Dan supported my team, improving our exploration process of the key problems our industry face. Dan took our team further to define the best solution to a common consumer problem. Our team went onto win at Manchester Startup Weekend. I don’t think we would have progressed if it were not for Dan’s enthusiasm to help us achieve our startup's potential."

Finn Lawton

Winner of StartUp Weekend Manchester 2019


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