I Am Pitching But Not Getting Anywhere

"(a) explain what you're doing, and (b) explain why users will want it." - Paul Graham

When pitching your idea or startup to anyone you need a compelling story. If you're pitching for money you must be validating key risks. Anyone investing in your startup is in the business of risk, so you have to make their job as easy as possible. These people want investible founders not great presenters.

A brilliant blog by Andy Ruskin once paraphrased a great pitch to;

#1. Name a Big, Relevant Change in the World

#2. Show There’ll Be Winners and Losers

#3. Tease the Promised Land

#4. Introduce why you will Overcome Obstacles to the Promised Land

#5. Present Evidence that You Can Make the Story Come True

We've listened to hundreds of pitches from vapour / idea stage founders through to growth and scale businesses from the investor side of the table. We have a good handle on what works but have also asked around to see what others want to see too. For example Randy Komisar at Kleiner Perkins wants to see;

1. That a meaningful problem is being solved

2. That the business has the potential to create impact

3. The founder is strong

4. That there is real value creation potential

A successful pitch shows you understand what it is you need at each stage. What's your ask and why?

From Marc Andreessen;

At the seed stage, when a startup is brand new, the decision is driven almost entirely by the people. Who are they, and what is their pedigree and track record to cause one to expect that they can build something special?


At the venture stage, when a startup has a prototype or an initial product but not yet a fully functional business, the decision is some combination of the people, as with seed rounds, but also product/market fit—is there reason to believe that this product in this market at this time is going to take off?

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